It is not difficult to invest in stamps but it is difficult to gain the knowledge about it.
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I am an experienced manager with a proven record of succesfully built companies around Europe. But you can not work 24 hour a day - it is important to relax and to have a hobby (-ies). My hobby is collecting - especially stamps, but also another collectibles. ​

I have started to collect stamps as a small boy already and came back to my passion in 2010. To my surprise I have found out how big differences might be between the catalogue prices and real market prices. Some items are not worth even 5% of catalogue price, on the other hand some items might be worth over 100% of catalogue price. And this took me to stamp investments. Postage stamp are realy a great alternative investment which makes fun :-) ​

What is more important, the prices in philately develop in time. Prices of some postage stamps have grown in tens of % in the last years. That is a good news for anyone, who buys postage stamps as an alternative investment. And I try to focus on those stamps with growth potential. I invest lots of time to learn everything about philately, stamps and collecting. ​

However, I usually do not sell. I just buy. Only sometimes I buy a collection, of which I sell a part which does not match my focus. Stamp collecting and stamp investments are quite addictive - once you start, you can't stop. But I am quite sure that it is similar with other collectibles, not just philately.

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